MYANMAR: Changes for Myanmar trademark owners

When Myanmar’s new Trademark Law comes into effect in March 2023, the country’s new trademark system will officially open. This new system will permanently replace the old one, which is not without consequences for current Myanmar trademark holders.

Indeed, there will be no automatic transfer of trademarks from the old system to the new one, and current trademark owners will have to re-register their trademarks in the new system in order to benefit from the rights attached to registered trademarks.

In order to ensure that trademark owners have priority rights under the new system, a derogation system already allows them to re-register their trademarks under the new system.

This transitional period will come to an end in a few days’ time with the official opening of the new trademark system as a result of the entry into force of the Trademark Law. From that date, trademark owners will no longer be able to claim the priority attached to their old trademarks.

It is therefore urgent for Myanmar trademark owners to re-file their trademarks under the new trademark system before the new system opens to all new applicants, if they want to benefit from their trademarks registered under the old system.

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