Contracts are an essential tool for creating value, protecting your rights and managing your intellectual property rights.
Laidebeur & Partners can assist you in defining the strategy and drafting all contracts related to intellectual property, including

  • Licensing (renting) of intellectual property rights (trademark, patent, model), but also of domain names or expertise
  • Sale of rights, including the financial and practical aspects of the transfer
  • Franchise
  • Mortgage (pledge) of rights - this contract will enable financing to be obtained, or intellectual property rights to be given as security, in more complex transactions.
  • Partnership, IT development, software licenses, or other software-related contracts
  • Co-existence agreements between different owners of trademark, patent, or design rights
  • Transactions to end a conflict or dispute
  • Confidentiality agreements, to ensure that your ideas and expertise are not exploited without your consent

For all these contracts, our experts will determine the desired objectives, carry out a risk analysis, and propose the type of contract and contract structure that will meet your needs. In particular, we will be able to integrate operational issues, possible risks, but also legal or tax and accounting issues related to the exploitation of the rights.

We will therefore need to determine:

  • The type of operation you wish to conduct, and in particular whether you wish to have an exclusive relationship with your partner
  • The intellectual property rights and the countries concerned
  • The duration of the contract (for licences, franchises or partnerships for example)
  • The guarantees provided

Our experts can also help you determine the expected remuneration (for a license or franchise, for example) or the value of the rights to be sold, pledged or deposited to secure a loan, for example.

After drafting an initial proposal, or modifying an existing one that you provide, the experts at Laidebeur & Partners can also assist you in negotiating any changes that your partners may wish to make, right up to the signing of the contract.

If you have any questions about the interpretation or implementation of an existing contract, our experts are also at your disposal to help you find operational and legal solutions that are secure and adapted to your specific situation