Financial valuation

Trademarks, patents, models, but also software copyrights are extremely important assets for a project. They represent a financial value that can be included in the assets of a company.

Our experts can conduct searches to determine the estimated financial return on an intellectual property right, and thus determine the royalty rate applicable to your project.

We can also conduct a financial value analysis of your rights. Laidebeur & Partners uses the methods recognized by the OECD and in international standards (historical or reconstituted costs, capitalization of real or theoretical royalties, market analysis), integrating a qualitative analysis of the rights.

Our value analyses are therefore twofold:

  • The financial part, is aimed at calculating the gross value of the trademark, patent, and model rights
  • An analysis of the quality of the intellectual property rights, the protection obtained but also their adaptation to operational needs, the possibilities of extending the range or new territories, etc.

By combining the two components, we obtain a range of values, from which we can recommend a methodology and therefore a preferred value.

These value analyses are useful, for example, in the event of a license or assignment of your rights, but also in the event of a conflict, to determine the damage done to a right by an infringer, or in the event of a company reorganization. In the event of a transfer of rights between different companies (and in particular within the same group), or a merger, takeover, or (partial) transfer of activity, these analyses often make it possible to enhance the value of rights and/or to attribute a value to intellectual property rights.

From the very beginning of the analysis of your project, our experts always include a reflection on the creation of value, but also the management of financial flows created by the registration and exploitation of intellectual property rights.

These financial flows can generate tax benefits in Luxembourg. More information in our enclosed brochure.