Support for your projects

Project management

Our experts can help and support you at all stages of your project and adapt to your time or budget constraints.

Ideally, come and present your projects to us as soon as possible. This way, together with your expert from Laidebeur & Partners, you can define a strategy, anticipate, and manage costs optimally.

This will enable us to detect your intellectual property assets at the various stages of the project. In addition, we will be able to implement the contracts and filings necessary for the success and protection of your project.

Thereafter, we will be able to manage all the procedures, while respecting the deadlines necessary to maintain your rights.

Finally, by integrating our local vision, but also international, through our network of partners present throughout the world, we can accompany your development and the success of your project worldwide.

Project protection

There is no single right, but several options that must be chosen according to your project, its stage of development, or marketing.

Your protection will also depend on the type of project concerned.

In all cases, Laidebeur & Partners will conduct prior searches to check that there are no prior rights that could block your project. Therefore Laidebeur & Partners wants to discuss your project as early as possible!

The protection strategy will be different if you want to protect a product, a service, or a software. Our experts are at your side to define a unique strategy, adapted to your needs, but also to your budget. Remember, the earlier we can intervene, the more effective we can be!


If you plan to use external partners, or if you want to sell or lease your intellectual property rights, our experts can draft the necessary contracts.


Our experts handle a wide range of conflicts related to intellectual property. Conflicts range from plagiarism or counterfeiting of your products and services, to defending your rights by acting against an intellectual property owner.

Together we can define the most effective strategy that is best suited to your situation!

Financial valuation

Intellectual property rights bring added value to a company or a project. We can analyze it and define a value range, based on international methodologies (ISO 10668, etc.).

Laidebeur & Partners can also determine for you the appropriate remuneration rate for your license based on in-depth and extremely specific research.

Do not hesitate to contact us with all these questions! The first consultation is free!

Portfolio audit

The experts at Laidebeur & Partners have extensive experience in the analysis of intellectual property rights portfolios.

We conduct searches worldwide (or for a specific geographical area), in order to detect all rights related to a project or a company.

We can then analyze the strengths and weaknesses of these rights, analyze the potential risks of challenges to these rights, and present you with a summary report. This report can also include our recommendations for improving future strategies or protections of existing rights.

Our tools

You can access your entire portfolio of trademarks, patents, designs, or registrations through our secure platform

If you no longer use a trademark, we have developed a trademark sale or licensing platform: This tool will allow you to value your asset, even if it is no longer useful to you.