Protection of your project

There is no single right, but several options that must be chosen according to your project, its state of progress, or commercialization.

The protection will also depend on the type of project concerned.

In all cases, Laidebeur & Partners will conduct prior research to check that there are no prior rights that could block your project. We recommend that you come and discuss your project as soon as possible!

Protecting a product

A product can be protected by several rights:

  • A model, for its appearance
  • A trademark, for its name
  • A domain name
  • Possibly a patent, if it has an innovative technical function

You do not have to protect everything, but you must choose the elements that bring a real added value to your product. Laidebeur & Partners will listen to you to protect these intellectual property assets according to your specific project.

Protecting a service

The name of a new service is protected by a trademark. But if you develop logos, graphics, business presentations, or other commercial assets, we can protect these too (including by registered design). We can also ensure that you obtain all the rights, including copyright, necessary for your protection.

Protecting a software

A software is protected by a set of rights, as there is no specific protection for software’s.

  • The copyright on the source code is important, and we will help you to obtain these rights to ensure a peaceful and long-lasting exploitation
  • Trademarks will protect the name of the software, but also its icon as used in the app stores
  • Designs will protect the appearance of important screens
  • A patent may be considered if the software has a technical function

The choice of rights and filing strategy is important to obtain valid assets that create value for your project!

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