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Our team


Natacha Serafin

Natacha founded Neomark, which she renamed Laidebeur & Partners. She is a European Trademark Attorney and has been advising clients in a wide range of sectors, including personal services, automotive, start-ups, etc. for many years. She is involved in defining the protection strategy and managing the filing procedures for the various rights, in particular trademarks and designs. She is also a specialist in domain names.

Olivier Laidebeur

After working for a software publisher and a company in the luxury sector, Olivier joined a company in the industrial sector. For 20 years, he then developed the activity of a Luxembourg firm of industrial property attorneys. Today, he advises numerous clients in the IT, consulting, chemical, industrial, and service sectors. He is in charge of valuations and drafting contracts for our clients.

Olivier is a European Trademark and Design Attorney, but also a patent attorney registered with the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy.

Olivier Nicolle_1023_Laidebeur


patent engineer since 1985, Olivier Nicolle has over 30 years' experience in private practice in French industrial property firms.

Until the end of November 2012, Olivier Nicolle was head of the patent department at Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia) in Paris, where he made a significant contribution to building up a patent portfolio of great commercial value. This experience led him to work in Europe, Asia and the United States between 2006 and 2012.

Olivier Nicolle is also a trainer. He is a trainer at INPI for the Patent Assistant Certificate examination and a marker at ASPI for the European Patent Qualifying Examination.

Olivier Nicolle also teaches in the DJCE course at Montpellier Law School. He also provides in-house training at the request of companies.

Olivier is a french Intellectual Property Attorney and also a European Patent Attorney registered with the European Patent Office.


Vanessa Mekrez

Vanessa has more than 15 years of experience in the protection of intellectual property rights, the follow-up of registration procedures and the administrative management of trademarks, patents and designs, as well as software copyrights filings, all over the world. She is also a specialist in registering change of ownership, licenses and assignments of intellectual property rights. With this experience, she will be pleased to assist you in your filing, registration, maintenance, renewal, or any other action concerning your rights.


Maxime Imperiale

Maxime holds a master's degree in business law and a master's degree in intellectual property and information technology law from the University of Nancy. With a first experience in an intellectual property law firm in Luxembourg, he is a specialist in the protection of trademarks, logos and designs, and is also involved in the protection of software and domain names. He will be pleased to assist you in the protection and development of your projects.

Alice Huerta

Alice holds a Master's degree in management, entrepreneurship, law of innovative industries, audiovisual and information and communication technologies from the University of Bordeaux. She joined Laidebeur&Partners after having had several experiences in law firms and industrial property law firms in Paris, which enabled her to acquire skills in trademark, design and domain name law. Alice can assist you in protecting your names, logos, marketing projects, product launches, etc.


Hadrien Chua

Hadrien, who holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from the University of Namur, is in charge within the Laidebeur&Partners’ team, for the preparation of your protection projects, the filing and follow-up of your trademark, patent and design procedures at the international level. With the rigor and availability, as well as the care inherent to the Rules of the Art, he will accompany you in your various projects, as well as in the maintenance of your intellectual property rights.

Roberta Pierro

After graduating with a Master’s degree in International, European and French Intellectual Property Law (Research-oriented) from CEIPI Strasbourg, Roberta has been a trainee at the European Patent Office. She joined L&P after several years of experience in intellectual property law firms in Paris which allowed her to acquire in-depth skills in patent law, but also in trademark and design law. Roberta can help you protect your inventions and develop your projects.

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Simon Bernard_1023_Laidebeur

Simon Bernard

Simon holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the Catholic University of Louvain. He in charge within the Laidebeur&Partner's team of the filing and follow-up of your trademark, patent and designs procedures both nationally and internationally. He will deal with your applications with a serious and professional approach doing his best to answer all your requirements regarding to your intellectual property rights.

To support the development of our dynamic team, we are looking for lawyers, engineers, but also file managers! Do not hesitate to send us your application on info@laidebeur.com

We currently have several vacancies to strengthen our team:

  • Paralegal / Case manager
  • Intellectual property lawyer

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